Thursday, December 24, 2009

quilt pieces

What could be one of the best Christmas presents ever? Pieces of quilts that my wonderful Granny had started piecing together. There is one that is completely pieced, but has some wholes to fix. There is one that I am unsure of the pattern and then there is one that is in the pattern of double Irish chain. The first quilt she made of that pattern was for me. I still have it, and my children use it all the time to cuddle up. I get the privilege of finishing something that my grandmother started. I held fabric that my beloved grandmother held and sewed with love. I can not wait to get home and sit at my sewing machine. I am sure it will be an emotional journey. I will cherish it and cherish the memories of us together looking through quilt books. My heart is grieving her loss all over again right now. At the same time I am rejoicing that she is with our Lord. She was the living example of Christ to me. My heart always felt lighter when I was around her. What a blessing these quilt pieces are to me. To think they were in a closet at my parents all these years. I am thanking God for this snow storm. It gave us time to sit and talk and remember.

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  1. What a blessing to have such a treasure to cherish until you meet again! Merry Christmas, Sherry!