Friday, December 18, 2009

Needy Texans

Something that Bryce and I have noticed since we moved to Texas that we didn't in Oklahoma is the amount of needy people. In Oklahoma there would be a family here and there that needed help that we would hear of. A few people that lost their jobs and such. In Sunday school we would "search" for someone to help at Christmas.

Here in Texas it seems that there are lots of people facing troubles. Almost every church that we have visited the pastors have addressed issues of the food banks being overwhelmed and families in the churches that have lost jobs and homes. There are lots of children without coats at school. The schools have done a coat drive to meet those needs. The resources that are available for people are just overwhelmed by the need. They simply can't keep up with the demand.

The Sunday school class that we visited last Sunday had just given gift cards to two families in the church that had lost their jobs and their homes. They had also adopted two other families that were on the angel tree and bought Christmas gifts for them. Someone brought up the fact that there were still families and children on the tree that no one had bought for.

Our hearts are breaking at the need. I know that times are tough for most people right now, even if you do have a job. Don't let that stop you from giving. Bless someone this season. If you can't give of a financial means then give of your time. The food banks are needing volunteers to organize the food that is brought and to pass it out. The elderly in the nursing homes are lonely. They just want to know that someone remembers them. There are so many physical and emotional needs. Try to meet at least one. My husband has decided not to receive a Christmas gift this year so that he can give the money to an area food bank. There isn't anything that he "needs", but there are people that need food and clothing. Go through your clothes and give away what you don't wear to a clothing closet. Take your suits to one of the organizations that help people get jobs. Those people can't afford even a Wal-Mart suit.

If God has blessed you, then you need to bless someone else. You never know when you might be the one in need. Do it for His glory and not your own.

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