Friday, December 18, 2009

All Because Two People Fell in Love

Two blogs in one day. Craziness, I know.

So, we have all heard the saying or seen one of the signed or photo frames, "All because two people fell in love". Right? That is the saying that popped into my head just a few minutes ago.

What made me think that? You are wondering, I am sure. Well, the baby was fussing. He was DONE eating, if you know what I mean. He was covered in goo. A big slobbery baby cookie and teething biscuit is what he was. Andrew (age 4) was screaming in the potty that he needed poopy medicine. He was gagging on his tears, slobber and snot. Screaming, really screaming. Our house is a pit. A real disaster. So, please don't come by (not that anyone is planning on coming to Texas). We were gonna go out to dinner, but my hubby had to work late and the kids were hungry. Not the evening I had planned.

So, just picture all of this going on. That is when the saying came to me. I was scrubbing last nights dinner dishes. Not the picture perfect evening, huh? I could think of a hundred better ways for the evening to go. But, in the words of Kate "It may be a crazy life, but its our life."

I really do love my life. I love my children and my husband. Sure, we all get tired and just plum worn out. However, the love that we share is precious. Not everyone is blessed enough to have experienced it.

All because two people fell in love...there is a house full of people that can laugh and cry together...there are children that will fulfill God's purpose for their lives...two families were brought child who was motherless now has a child who fatherless now has a father...two lives were created...two hearts that were created to love have someone to spend the rest of their lives cherishing...all because two people fell in love.

*Footnote...we are very aware that we didn't just happen to fall in love. We were brought together by God for a divine purpose. Nothing just happens. Where there's God will, there is a way.

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  1. I would just like to point out that my wife is possibly the greatest wife that has ever roamed the planet. Her journeys are always more difficult than mine (heck I get to eat out almost every day). She is a great as they come!