Friday, November 6, 2009

What I've learned in Texas so far...

In the order I learned them:

1. Doing your usual Wal-Mart shopping takes twice as long. Same size Wal-Mart, twice as many people. It just takes forever to go down the isles. They should have guided way to go through it, a path, like Ikea does.

2. There are no tag agencies here. One place (downtown) for everyone to register and renew their vehicles, and two locations for you to get your drivers licence or renwew it. They like long lines I guess. Also, they mail you your for a while you only have a piece of paper stating who you are and that you can drive. No photo ID (which you need to be able to do anything).

3. You do not register what party you are when you register to vote. They don't care. You can vote in any primary. Cool! I am still waiting to see if that means that we will get twice as many phone calls and mail around election time.

4. Doctors expect for you to be supermom. The expect yo to wait in a waiting room for an hour that has no toys for your children to play with and is only big enough for the chairs. Then they take you to an exam room that is the smallest exam room ever. Seriously. I have never seen one so tiny. There wasn't even room to put my purse or diaper bg on the floor. The doctor then expects you, as Super Mom, to pee in a cup while holding your baby and with your three year-old in the bathroom with you. I am serious. They just don't think through things very well.

And lastly...number 5. My dental hygenist informed me that Texas is cliquish. So, unless you were born here (which I was not) then you will never fit in. Don't expect to, and so don't expect your neighbors to wave or be real friendly. They can just tell that you weren't born here. And apparnetly she can tell that I'm a city kid...does Yukon count as a big city? It is the same size or smaller than Saginaw (where we live here in Texas).

Things are different here for sure. But God is still the same, even in Texas! Know that I don't really belive everything from number 5. I think she is crazy. God has a place for us in this community. My kids have been accepted with open arms, and I have at MOPS and Bible study. However, there are stereo types for a reason and they are usually true. She is the stereotypical non-including woman that thinks she is better because of where she was born. I know that I am special because I am a child of the King! So take that teeth cleaner!

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