Monday, November 23, 2009

MOPS and friends

Today is MOPS day. It is a day that I look forward to. I get to have a break from my kiddos and spend some time talking with other moms that are in the trenches just like I am. My big kids are out of school this entire week. So, at MOPS they just have a room for school aged kids when the kids are on holiday and it falls on a MOPS Monday.

RaeAnne told me that she didn't want to go this morning. She wanted to be lazy and sleep in. I told her that she goes to school everyday and has made friends. I don't go to school and we don't have a church home yet, so I need to go to MOPS so that I can make friends. I don't have any yet.

We went to MOPS. The kids had fun. A mom asked me if I wanted to meet her at McDonald's. I wasn't planning on taking four kids out to eat, but I wasn't going to pass up an opportunity to make a connection with another mom. We get there and sit together and RaeAnne leans over to me and said, "I thought you didn't have any friends." She is so funny! It made me laugh, and thought it make make you smile as well!

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