Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our year so far...

has been interesting to say the least.

January 17th included a trip to the ER for Andrew when he fell and hit his head on the couch...yes, the couch. No stitches. I don't think they believe in those things anymore. Just glue and tape.

February 1st was Joel's turn to go to the ER due to cutting his hand with scissors at school. Once again, just glue and tape.

February 3rd was RaeAnne's turn for something to happen. She fractured her wrist and still sports a green cast. Hopefully it will be coming off in about another week.

In January Gabriel and I both had bronchitis. Now it's February and we both have the "upper respiratory crud". That is the technical term the doctor used. Bryce currently is dealing with our crud plus double pink eye.

I am sure that in no time we will all be back up and running at full speed.

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