Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How to properly punish your kids...

When they don't do what they are supposed to do, don't do what your supposed to do and see how they like it. For example, today my kids did not do anything they were told to do after school. So, I told them I was not making dinner. It's understood that I am supposed to do that, right? Just like they understand what they are to do. They also weren't allowed to even walk into the kitchen until they did everything they were supposed to. This even motivated my four-year-old to clean up his own room. Food can be very motivating. Bryce brought Rosa's home for dinner for him and myself. Please understand this is a family favorite. Seriously...there were almost tears from each of them when they realized they didn't get anything from Rosa's. They made themselves a sandwich and got some fruit or something to go along with it. I think that my point got across. I guess we will see tomorrow when they come home from school!

Then one more thing happened. And please don't hate me for thinking this was funny. I really did laugh out loud at my son. It was five minutes till bedtime, and our son lied to us. So, I told him to go on up to bed. A few minutes later he came out of his room...with a bloody nose. He was revolting against going to bed and was being crazy in his room and kneed himself in the nose. Yes, he gave himself a bloody nose. Sorry, natural consequence for being disobedient. Next time maybe he will just go lay in bed!

Another day in the life of a mom of four.

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  1. Again...Love and Logic! It is an amazing way to parent. It should be said that it isn't easy...it's truly a lifestyle change. But check it out. There are numerous books and CDs.