Saturday, January 23, 2010

What Do Parents Do...

when their kids are staying with grandparents for the weekend? They have a late dinner the first night. They go shopping for themselves some clothes. They buy books, that they have time to read because there are not kids needing their every waking moment. They go see a romantic movie, in the middle of the afternoon. They get a massage. They once again have a late dinner, because there is no one that "has to" be in bed by eight. They stay up late, because no one will need a bottle in the middle of the night. The are able to have real conversations with each other without being interrupted.

They also think about their kids. They worry that they are being a pain to the grandparents (ie. fighting or not minding the first time). They worry the baby will get up too much in the night. They wish they were the ones tucking their kids in bed, and giving goodnight kisses. They wish they were closer "just in case" something was to go wrong.

Children are never far from their parents minds or hearts. As my kids are in another state with Bryce's parents right now, I am thinking of them and wishing they were home. I have enjoyed my time with my husband, but am ready for my babies back also. As my parents are on a trip to Florida currently, my mom has called me wishing that me and the kids were with her. I don't think it matters how old your kids get. Their place is always with you. They are always on your thoughts, and always in your heart.

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