Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lesson Learned

You know that thing you keep telling your child not to do, over and over again? They even get in trouble for doing it, but for some reason keep going back and testing that boundary. Well, Andrew now understands why I kept telling him not to "swing" the baby when he was in his Jumperoo. He learned that if you try and "swing" the baby the Jumperoo might break and send your baby brother crashing to the tile floor. Thankfully, Gabriel was not harmed in this lesson learned the hard way. We no longer have a Jumperoo for Gabriel to play in, but if that is the worst thing that happens today than we are doing well enough!

Another lesson learned along with this for Andrew was that if you yell and kick at your momma because you want to be fed now (and I mean immediately after said Jumperoo incident) that you get sent to your room. Then, if you continue to yell and scream and stomp on the floor that you get into more trouble, and for some reason lunch does not get made at that moment. It is always better to ask nicely for something, and to do what your momma says...when she says it. And yes, I do realize that this lesson will have to be learned again by my darling three year-old!

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