Sunday, September 20, 2009

30 Day Challenge

I have started the Revive Our Hearts 30 Day Husband Encouragement Challenge. Boy is it a challenge! When you set out to do something that is going to honor God and bring Him glory Satan attacks. The second day was rough, and I found myself not speaking kindly to my husband. Today is day three. It is so easy to look toward your husband, kids or friends to meet all the emotional needs you have, and then get frustrated when those needs aren't met. I know that only God can meet the deepest needs in my heart. Why do we always forget to look to Him first?

I have also started the Devotion to End All Devotions. It is a 36 week journey to study the Bible on your own. I know that the most important relationship I have is the one with my Redeemer. Next is my husband. My relationship with all others will be better if I am striving to be where I need to be with Christ and then my husband. My kids need to see where my priorities are. The world shows them to focus on themselves, that they are all that matters. The show that are out focus on how to manipulate situations to make them what you want, and then there are no real consequences. I want my kids to focus on Christ. Focus on His love and acceptance. Focus on following Him instead of their so-called friends at school. Life is a journey and I want them going on the right path...therefore I need to strive to be on the right path too, and be a more godly wife and mother.

Pray for me as I am on this journey. I know that Satan hates the family. He hates marriage. I know that I will be attacked. Your prayers are greatly appreciated.

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