Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Friends, kids and Texas

Well, this was the first truly good day in a while. I got the two oldest off to school, got my two youngest dressed, myself ready and headed to Ikea where I met a friend. It was great to see a familiar face and have sometime face to face to talk to another woman! It's always good to visit with friends. I found a few things I needed and I got a few things that were just cute! However, I got home to realize that one of the things I got was wrong. So, now I guess I have to drive another hour back there sometime soon. It took over an hour to get there in traffic, but only 40 minutes to get home! Crazy DFW traffic.

On the way to Ikea Andrew saw a golf course and said, "They have golf courts in Texas mom! Do they have more than one?" Little kids make me laugh. Everything is "Look! They have ____ in Texas!" Anything you can think of or pass on the road, I have heard in that sentence. Not just by the three year-old, but by the older two also!

Now to make dinner. We have been spending more time together as a family. We have been sitting down at the dinner table together. I didn't realize how much we weren't eating dinner at the table together, or how important it is to the children. They feel like they are a priority. It has fostered great conversation. It really doesn't take more work to go into the dinning room at this house. In Oklahoma it was a lot easier to put the kids at the breakfast bar and for the adults to eat in the living room. I love this house. It is a great house for our family. I know that God has a plan in us being here. He has never failed us yet!

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