Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Seeking People

There seems to be a lot of people seeking lately. Seeking what? Seeking answers. Seeking God.

My husband has a man at work that he has been talking to that is trying to figure out what he believes. He isn't sure if the Protestant, Catholics, Jews or Muslims have it right. He is trying to find the right answers.

There is a woman I spoke with today at Bible study. She says she's seeking the truth. She believes in the Old Testament, but not in the new. She thinks people have twisted what really happened with Jesus and his message into something it wasn't. She believes in God. She is looking for historical proof. She is searching for the thing that will make her take the leap of faith to Christ.

At Bible study today we were talking about sanctification, and being set apart. The question was asked "Do you think your set apart? If so, why."

People are seeking. They are looking for people to talk to. People to answer questions they have about God, Jesus and the Bible. What is it about your lifestyle that would lead people to Christ. Do you talk like the world? Let your kids watch the same shows and listen to the same music that the world does? Do you live as the world lives, or just a small step away? We are called to be set apart. It is not an option for the Christian, it is a command. "Be holy, as I am holy" (1Peter 1:16) We have to be creditable. We have to know what we believe and why. We have to be passionate without being forceful.

God is opening up doors to us. Find your courage to speak the Truth. Plant seeds that need to be planted. Water the seeds that have been planted by someone else. Be ready for to the harvest that is ready and waiting. The time is now. Don't let these opportunities pass by. We are dealing with eternity. People are hurting and they need Jesus.

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