Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Church Planting???

I realize it has been over a year since I have updated my blog. I recently heard a lady talk about why she blogs, and decided that there are some things that I want to let my family and friends know about. Plus, I love to read others blogs, so maybe someone will like reading mine!

First, the most important thing going on is our life for those who do not know, we left the church we have been at since moving to the Fort Worth area. We have joined in partnering in ministry with a church plant. I know that some people think, "Why? Fort Worth has tons of churches!" The answer to the question is that the population growth in our area has far surpassed church growth. There is a need that is not being met. There are lost and hurting people all around us. We are called.

For those who are wondering about the journey that brought us to Kaleo Community Church here is the story:

Towards the end of MOPS last year, I met a girl named Crystal. By met, I said good morning, and that was about it. The next meeting she came to she was wearing a Pine Cove shirt. She was not just wearing a PC shirt. She was wearing our family camp theme shirt from the year before. I know. I have it, and wear it often. Of course I went up to her and was, "Where did you get that!?! Do you go to Pine Cove?? What week?? We go week two! We love Pine Cove!" Once she figured out I wasn't crazy (well, not too crazy anyway), I found out they go week one! For all my PC peeps, you know that there is an instant bond for family camp families. I don't think that it matters what week you go. I think it must be like how some twins have a bond, and their own language. There is special camp language. You know people that go by weird names like Reba Smackentire, and Toolbie. So, this time I actually listened when she said they were church planters. I learned they were starting a church in their home. I learned they knew some of the people at my church, and that they used to go to Harvest themselves.

Over the summer I felt led to pray for them, and their ministry. Quite frankly, I didn't even remember her name. I knew that God did. I just had them on my heart all summer. I didn't see Crystal again till our MOPS meet and greet after the new school year had started. Guess what? I was put in her small group! I found out that not only were they from my "hood" (North west siders!), but they actually live in my addition! Crazy, right?

My heart was so drawn to their ministry. I asked about their church. I found out they were meeting in a school not far from our homes. I somehow convinced Bryce to go check out their church one Sunday that we didn't have any commitments at Harvest. I wanted to help support her and her ministry, and just see what a church plant was all about.

As I was sitting in the cafeteria/sanctuary singing with 15 other people, I was overwhelmed. I knew I was where God wanted me to be. I tried not to be that weird visitor that sits in service and cries, but it didn't work out so well. I knew, I mean I knew that God wanted me there. My blessed Redeemer was speaking to me personally! Now, the question Bryce hearing and feeling the same thing?

A few days later, Bryce met with Russell (Crystal's hubby and the pastor). Bryce knew he wanted to support their ministry after talking over lunch with Russ. But, he thought maybe we could just support them financially. After all, we are really plugged in, and already serving at Harvest. A few day after that Bryce got an email. Long story short, God let Bryce know that he didn't want just his money. He wanted him. Sometimes, the God of the universe uses other people and circumstances to talk to us. This was one of those times.

There was a lot of praying, a lot of talking, and a lot of least tears on my part over the next week or so. We came together and realized that God was calling us to serve at Kaleo. They were in need of people that could commit to being there, and were established in their faith. Church planting isn't about finding people from other churches that aren't happy. It is about reaching the lost people. Pastor Russ says that there should be two types of people in our church: missionaries and lost people. Guess where we fit in???

That's right. We are missionaries. That is really how we see our roll with Kaleo. I got to say that I am more that a little grateful that God didn't call us to be missionaries in the Congo, or somewhere far away. He has called us to stay in our nice, air conditioned home. Where our kids can stay in their nice, familiar schools. Where I can still still see my nice, sweet friends that I have made in the area. Thank you, Jesus! But, what does being a missionary is Saginaw, Texas look like? Where are we in this journey now? I'll be answering those questions in the next few days.

Oh, and I know you're wondering what Kaleo means. It is a weird sounding word! It is the Greek word for called. How fitting. That is what we feel. We are called. We are called to be missionaries in Saginaw, Texas.

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  1. How exciting!! I love how God sent your husband an email. I wish he would do that to me more often! =) Keep us posted!